Here is where you will find what is going on in the world of fera on a regular (weekly) basis. There is another page 'time for an adventure', which has the more one of events coming up.
Get involved you fellow movers and groovers and let's see what magic there is to be had. 


run club

WHEN: Mondays 6pm

WHERE: Rock Over Climbing Centre

WHAT IS IT: We welcome all abilities within our run club. We will take on anything between 4-7km routes and we'll make sure everyone is looked after along within the session. A good warm-up and solid stretch will take place before we head out. We will also do a good post-run stretch.  
Meeting spot will be at the reception of Rock Over Climbing Centre and then head out of town with our Run Leader, Darren. 

As an extra incentive, our lovely partners at lululemon athletica, Manchester have sponsored the run club by gifting a t-shirt from their showroom in St Anns Sq once you've collected your 10th Fera Run Club stamp.



WHEN: Mondays 7pm 

WHERE: Rockover Climbing Centre

WHAT IS IT: You are going to get pretty sweaty, you are going to move in ways that you may only see cute youtube animal videos. You will be climbing and jumping and pushing and pulling. 

If you are wanting a different way to work out with a great little community going on, then this is for you.


conditioning workshops

WHEN: Tuesdays 7pm

WHERE: Rockover Climbing Centre

WHAT IS IT: A space to come and develop skills and create a body that is currently being taken over and deformed by your sport. 
wk1 - GIRDLE: We shall be looking at movement, anatomical integrity, flexibility, available and increasing range of motion within the pelvis/hips and shoulders/scapula regions.

wk 2 - RIGID: Working within the realms of fairly static movement, anti-rotational work all influenced by calisthenics

wk3 - GROUD WORK: Here we will be predominately bringing our attention to the body traveling in different ways, with complementary body weight exercises and working with movement boundaries.

wk4 - POWER: We incorporate explosive movement and exercises. This will help to quicken the connection between the mind and muscle and help recruit as much power possible through the exercises given.


animal by candlelight

WHEN: Wednesdays 7.30pm  

WHERE: The Wonder Inn, 29 Shudehill, Manchester, M4 2AF

WHAT IS IT: A weekly workshop that gives your body the chance to exercise in an environment like no other. Using animal movement, you will be guided and encouraged to explore the different ways your body can move. Within the environment of candle light, you will have less visual stimulation to concern your mind with, allowing you to bring your attention to your greatest tool; your body. This sensory experience will engage the calmness within the mind so you can gain flexibility, mobility and strength throughout your body. 
It will be a workout that influences you in way that may be familiar to how yoga reaches you, except we will move and flow in a way you have yet to become familiar with. 

Note: Bring a good fleece or hoody for downtime.