What Is Fera Tribe?

Fera Tribe is the collective of people that make Fera what is it, from the attendants of the sessions to the coaches, we are all part of it. Fera is about reaching into as many different aspects of your life to become a truly sustainable human for yourself, and Fera Tribe is there to create community to allow for this to happen with as much flow and integration as possible. We believe the more you surround yourself with people who are on a similarly moral path towards a more positive, healthy, connected direction we can create magic and support each other. Fera stands for the freedom of who you are and will create spaces for the betterment of you, thus we are unifying the community with Fera Tribe. 

There will be exclusive events for Fera Tribe to participate in, as well as gifts of gratitude towards those in support of this community. We aim to promote the work of those within our community and keep raising each other up, and so different partners have offered to contribute offers and some other subtle ways to reward you. 

Fera Tribe Card

You can get a Fera Tribe card by turning up for one of our sessions. This will act as your pass for relevant sessions with us (Run Club/ Assemble/ Sessions) . The card has three sections to collect stamps with and works like so

Run Club // We want to actively encourage you to do more with your body and by attending 10 monday run club sessions, our partners at Lululemon Manchester will gift you a t-shirt, so make sure one of our team give you a mark on your card. Please note you will require a Lululemon Run Club card for the Wednesday run

Sessions // Whether you acquire a 5 Session Package or 10 Session Package, we will mark of the sessions you have paid for and then the receptionist or coach will initial them. Easy way to keep on top of where you are up to with sessions remaining. 

Assemble // We want to encourage you to volunteer as we believe it is psychologically healthy for you and you get to apply the physical strength you have acquired from joining the other aspects of Fera. The gift back to the community is just a massively great thing to be a part of for those in need. 



Gifted Lululemon T-shirt after 10 runs

Special offers to be confirmed with Rock Over Climbing

Exclusive invites to Fera Tribe Sessions.