This Guy


The fields were full of insects and sunlight, the stream did its thing at the foot of the rolling hills and up in the trees you would find this kid, Skoti, with his friends. Building tree houses, crawling through bushes, falling off high walls and plunging in to water these children would be a covered in mud, scratches and each of them a mini hero in their own way. 
Fast forward a few years and Skoti develops a keen interest in dance, excelling within contemporary dance, headhunted for the county dance company and then gifted a scholarship to pursue his passion. 

After finding himself somewhat of a mismatch for the world of dance, he embarked on some time with the military within the Territorial Army (British Reserves)  and gained experience within the infantry whilst going through education with a view to become a military barrister (confused face). What was gained through his time though was his love for nature and just being in it and actively interacting with it. Enter Climbing. 

Climbing rekindled a relationship with his body and the world around him that he had lost along his path. Everytime he closed his eyes he would see climbing holds and from that moment, everything became an option to climb. Then this happened: gym, cycling, yoga, swimming, calisthenics, parkour, gymnastics, animal movement, minimalist/barefoot running, capoeira... it all went in to the mix, even climbing trees again has become a thing. 

The journey of discovering what could be done with his body rapidly became addictive. Along this journey he has become increasingly stronger, more flexible, crazy agile and a much more anatomically correct posture. 

This path may be a slow one, it does not come with the instant gratification of bigger biceps or tush, but it will give you those things over time. But, as he is probably going to be living his life for a long time, what's the rush?! he has nothing else to do other than live, may as well fill it with awesome experiences and encourage others to do some really cool stuff.