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Author: Skoti Pepper


“Mental Health”, somewhat a buzz phase but let’s talk about it. Everyone (YES! Everyone) deals with it, on a daily basis. Now before I carry on, I’m want it to be clear that there is a lot of compassion written behind this and there is much more to be said about these points than I offer here. Consider everything I say is said with passion, integrity and just so you know I cut out a lot of emotional bumfluff, don’t try and read between lines or twist my words to make some of this easier to digest. 
Now, I’ve come along a fair journey from domestic violence, drug addiction, sexual abuse, homelessness, psychological abuse, suicide, bullying, psycho-mental therapists, doctors, anti-depressants and some other stuff that is somewhere in my head and the past.  I’m not noting that for a medal, I’m mentioning that so you know I’ve had to deal with some shit and you don’t need to provide this reading session with another set of excuses why you can move forwards. I am here to help, even just a little bit.


The following steps I will talk us through are some pointers that may help you along your journey to dealing with mental health and this journey is something you have to own. There should be a love for the journey, eventually. There are just too many people out there needing helping, waiting lists forever, blaming the system,  government not funding accordingly, people not talking to each other. You HAVE to take the reigns, you are literally saving your own life by doing so, so let’s go.


1. That ‘Magic-Pill’.

There is no magic-pill. There are pills that inhibit certain emotions and dick around with your hormones, but no magic pill, if you were not looking for it the ‘Magic Pill’ wouldn’t have spiked your curiosity.  Hormones pre-date your central nervous system, all that we do come off the back of what our hormones are saying so we need to start looking after them accordingly and stop mixing around our hormonal paints (this isn’t biological pre-school, People).  Start meditating. Start exercising. Start getting out in nature. Start sleeping well.

And, stop expecting that someone else is going to fix this for you, the drug companies want you to keep contributing towards their profit and loss sheet. The longer you feed in to that system, the more you’ll cling to the notion that someone can fix all your problems for you. You need to start taking responsibility for what happens to you, which is a very difficult thing to truly understand when 'other things' make your life miserable and they seem to not be from your direct actions. But we can talk about that another time. 

I’d say you are the ‘Magic-Pill’, but what do I know.


2. Sort out the ego in the room.

Most of us can agree that we get irritated when that bolshy person in the room is centre of attention, our ear’s cringing at their every word as they blow smoke up their own arse. Well unlucky, if you are sat there being insecure (I know we all have insecurities) and thinking people are talking about you, have an opinion on you or whatever the narrative in your head, you are still making the world about you, as per the other person, it’s just with negative spin at yourself. Yup, you are both being egotistical with different verbal and body language. That doesn’t serve you and you are not protecting yourself, you are harming yourself more and you are just projecting your opinions on the room because you’ve been a victim in some way. So start challenging it, do you need to be like that? Or, can you match the general social tone around you and fit in. Ask your insecurities to step to one side whilst you navigate these social environments. Do not negate these insecurities, as when you are called to do so, you’ll need to dismantle the root causes.  If you find this hard to do, then why are you are putting yourself in these social situations which make you feel worse and then we start back at the top of this paragraph.


3. Cut the Sandbags.

This is a tough cookie for some people, I get it (I’ve cried and hurt enough with it), but this is also a real thing that people have to do to break through some real crap. You, my friend, are a fantastic balloon, ready to take flight and some people in your life are sand bags holding you down. Yes, I could be talking work colleagues, but I’m going to go balls deep and say some of these sand bags are your friends (and yup, for some of us our.. ) family.  The Sandbags, don’t want you to float off and achieve your potential. Despite them sticking around you because they are supporting you, they are just weighing you down with their lack of integrity for the words they use, their absence of emotional availability, the values they fail to execute and deliver on and the obligations they hold you to whilst treating you like shit, because you allow them to. Yup! By them being in your life YOU are allowing that. What you do with that information is your call. I just thank all those that have come and gone, I know they’ll be having a more peaceful life (I hope). However, I’m really appreciative of the wonderful people who have shown up to nurture our world and get stuck in together to become high performing individuals who want nothing shy of success for their neighbor. They also get how meticulous you have to be with this shiz. You want more balloons, they are going somewhere. Or you can have your shit show with the Sandbags who contribute to your misery, do so quietly, most of us are fed up of those who don't want to actively make a difference in their life no matter how much they doth protest.


4. Stop the abuse.

If you were to talk to your friends the way you do yourself then you’d be much more lonelier than you think you are (along with a few black eyes, I imagine). Stop being so disrespectful towards yourself and I mean that promptly so don't pissin' dilly-dally with that one. It’s rude when it’s aimed at others so I want you to start considering it rude when you self-deprecate. It’s bullshit.

Move more, if you were to inhibit another human from moving then you’d probably get in trouble, free your body and let it go physically explore. You will start secreting your stress hormones in more appropriate ways and also you’ll get some super good feel good hormones being released to turn that frown upside down.  Just so you know, it’s not easy being cheesy.

You may or may not see the above as abuse, but it is. Stop it. Be kind to yourself. Change your internal linguistics and start giving your body a better physical repertoire. You need it.


5. Nature.

The benefits of being out in nature can be argued all day. I feel incredibly grounded, contented and at ease after being out in nature, whatever my experience generally has been. Nature has a wonderful way of showing us all the beauty around us. Nature is also good at handing us our ass up a snowy mountain. But it all goes into the pot to mold a healthier mind. We should all have experiences out in the world and move around amongst the trees, mountains, parks, oceans, deserts and meadows. It also allows a break from all the signs, sales, horns, sirens, ‘news’, alarms and social media; that stuff is Medusa, you need to break free as often as possible before you get turned to stone.

So get outside, whether it be for a walk, swim, climb, run, crawl, cycle, board or whatever gets your groovin’, Nature wants you and you’ve got work to do together.



I appreciate some of the above can seem out of context, but you know where to find me if you want to seriously talk through some of these points. I just want to see fellow humans getting somewhere in life and I feel there is a lot of advice out there tailored to sound like what you want to hear and unfortunately that shit doesn’t get you far for long, otherwise you I doubt most of you would have got to this fullstop.