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Sunday 18th November 2018 // 2pm - 4pm // Dance Studio, The Island, Artspace Lifespace, Nelson Street, Bristol , BS1 2LE

This is the second session in the Ascending Movement Series, and here we marry up meditation and movement together. We will also create the environment of ‘held space’.
Opening up the space with the energies of Sage and Paulo Santo, to invite in the balance of the feminine and masculine, we will move into a Animal Spirit Guide meditation where we will get the opportunity to connect and reach out to our Animal Spirit Guide. Once we’ve left the meditation we will start to slowly movement a gentle prana flowing movement sequence to allow our bodies to unite with the mind and body.
Meditation lights up and stimulates communication between both sides of the brain which creates the perfect foundation as we start to explore cross-hemisphere connectivity through animal movement. Animal movement, for those of you that are yet to become familiar has a similar vibe to capoeira or dance at times and other times it can be very much like yoga or calisthenics.

Items to consider bringing:

  • Water Bottle

  • Potentially a light blanket/throw

  • Journal/Notebook

  • Yoga Mat


  • Please eat a something good and nourishing before arriving, but please not within 45mins before you arrive, unless it is a super light snack.

  • Hydrate yourself well beforehand

Booking //

You can either book this single session, below, or you can purchase a the full series as a package on the main page of Ascending Movement Series.