Sunday 9th December 2018 // 1.30pm - 5.15pm // Space 238, 238 Stapleton Rd, Bristol, BS5 0NT

This is the third and final session in the Ascending Movement Series, and this is where we come to upgrade ourselves in the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of who we are. Inviting you all to bring high energy and presence to contribute towards a powerfully special space.

This will be a chunky session where you come to work on you and the sum of your whole. We will begin working through a chakra focussed meditation before we move the meditation in order to meet with our Animal Spirit Guide.
Once we’ve left the meditation we will start to explore a prana flowing movement sequence to allow our bodies to unite with the mind and body.
Meditation lights up and stimulates communication between both sides of the brain which creates the perfect foundation as we start to explore cross-hemisphere connectivity through animal movement. Animal movement, for those of you that are yet to become familiar has a similar vibe to capoeira or dance at times and other times it can be very much like yoga or calisthenics.
Once we have come down from the movement we will take some time to do some intention setting and letting go of things that no longer serve us. This then allows ourselves to delve into a final meditation in order to be primed ready for a breathwork session with the deepest desire to transform ourselves in order to ascend from when we walked through the doors.
Finally, We will take last bit of time to collect, share, and move freely.

Items to consider bringing:

  • Water Bottle

  • Potentially a light blanket/throw

  • Maybe a pillow/cushion

  • Journal/Notebook


  • Please eat a something good and nourishing before arriving, but please not within 45mins before you arrive, unless it is a super light snack.

  • Hydrate yourself well beforehand.

  • If you are wanting to engage in intention setting then it might be a good idea to ruminate on this beforehand, but I’ve definitely had intentions only present themselves to me once I’m sat in the circle, so come as you feel.

Booking //

You can either book this single session, below, or you can purchase a the full series as a package on the main page of Ascending Movement Series.