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Author: Skoti Pepper


We all have an image of what our body looks like in our heads. I think the majority of people have a disconnect between what they think they look like; what they think other people think they look like and what they actually look like.

To cut to the chase; you look like the life you lead. Yes, illness may change the way we look; yes, incidents happen they render some people physiologically changed and I’m not talking about those people. I’m talking about people who are on the other side of those statements before you go hiding behind those types of examples to facilitate your lack of self-accountability and deflect the conversation. But, if you still do that even your linguistics are allowing you to feed into my initial statement, here is why:



This is a fundamental and vital area to cover. The more we use negative words to describe ourselves (even talking to ourselves in our own heads), the more those words formulate the way we perceive ourselves thus creating our reality. We can change this thanks to a simple method of thinking and speaking in the opposite way about ourselves and therefore, over time rewiring our brain. It requires endurance and dedication. It also requires you to be patient and discourage any form of berating towards yourself, and others whom might not be on the same journey as you. This change in our brain is called neuroplasticity, for those of you that want to go find out more.



If I go an hang out in most commercial gyms, over time I start to feel like shit because I compare myself to others and then people stare at me, probably because they are just staring in general (and not purposely at me), and that feeds into something. I get that is my issue, however I feel like I also do not need to put myself in situations where the mind naturally starts to feel conscious about your body image in such an intense way.

I have managed to find a way out of that though for myself, and others who feel similarly by creating my space around myself and the people involved with Fera. So some may call it lucky, I call it well earned. We all deserve to be in the most peaceful of environments especially when we should be honoring the way our body can move and how our minds expand. You should perhaps start considering where you spend your time as to how that place may make you feel about your body, and if that feeling doesn’t serve you then change the environment in which it was allowed to grow.


Media Exposure

The Media, unfortunately, has some fucked body imagery to expose you to.  It shows you celebrities with bodies that lack function or proportionate muscle development. The media shows women who are often physically inferior, or portrayed with strength, sometimes going as far to get the man to carry the shopping bags. In my initial world, I am not shy of friends or acquaintances or are by far some of those most physically capable humans and happen to be female. Each of them owning their femininity or masculinity or mix, depending on the individual.
The media (AKA Medusa, it will turn you to fucking stone) gives us images of these inflamed males with muscles that serve nothing, other than a cheeky bicep curl. If you look a little closer what you’ll actually find is that a lot of the effort in focused around getting away with looking good in a t-shirt, and I mean this in the bare minimum way. You’ll find they lack mobility, they actually look more defined with the t-shirt on rather than off and there we strip away any ability to be useful (which is great for the brain by the way) and we give way to an easy way to get away with looking good and lack any demonstration as to what it truly means to be a fit, healthy, agile, strong, capable creature. If only we could focus more on doing great things with our body, whether that be getting that one rep max, achieve that bind in that asana, jumping that wall, scaling that mountain, running that distance, swimming to that depth and exploring the wilderness of the mind.  Once you have gone through exploring your body outside of the mirror and t-shirts, you mind you look like the way you actually want and not what some Geordie Shore show is trying to drill into your unconscious mind.



Contentious talk now, but relationships do have affect on our body image.  I dated a chap who was so caught up (understandably so) in his profession, which was very image oriented, that I ended up allowing that energy he had around how his muscles developed, that I became insecure as to whether I was physically enough and whether I needed to develop larger muscles to be attractive. I then realised that that was not my journey and if I truly wanted to move forwards I had to take myself out of a situation that I didn’t see changing at a point in my life where I really didn’t want to be tolerating body image issues as they ultimately have the ability to cause us a lot of anguish and anxiety.

Repetitive exposure to situations like that are things that as an adult you have a responsibility to address if you want to take true care of yourself. I’m not saying termination is the key, however ifthe work to remedy this in the way of having clear communication of what is serving the relationship and what is not are failing to work then that may be where things head. What serves you?


Medical World

An aspect that we associate, rightly so for many reasons, with help and support. However, in many cases it just dispenses medication in a way that it becomes a life line and your body deteriorates in various ways by virtue of side effects.  Education is key here, now I know that all the answers are not ready but the pursuit is well paved and with education there is a lot more than most people realise they can do for themselves. The Pharmaceutical companies really have done a number on us when it comes to thinking how we should look after ourselves. I’ve come to realise that help is found in other ways; and this blog covers just a few of those ideas that may help us along the way.



I understand that not everything is straight-cut and things are always simply, but I am happy talk to anyone who has a question regarding things covered inthis blog.  You will probably be able to educate me on different out looks, I’m just articulating what is getting to me where I am going so far, by no means is my search for tools to help exhausted.