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We are looking for people to be a case study and trial a series of new products.  The case study will allow people to gain new skills, brush up on the old and be able to walk away with a lot more knowledge than you arrived with, however the case study programs are essentially to help us trial, adjust and tweak new products with your input before going public. Essentially you'll be a guinea pig for Fera. Don't expect it to be too much of a slick operation at times, we just want an opportunity to get this right. 

Please take a look at the following form and answer the questions as  accurately as possible to help with the process. For some of you the product may be super easy and others may find it harder, however all are welcome, we just want to make sure the correct processes and results are in place. We want to make sure we take on the appropriate people to yield the optimum learning experience of the product for ourselves. 

Current Case Study Available:

Foundation For Movement - This will be a product that strips back everything to basics and allows people to understand their body. The product will be sold to those who want to start from scratch or want to understand the fundamentals, from Fera's perspective. 
We will cover:

  • Posture
  • Mobility
  • Basic movement patterns
  • Anatomy
  • Function

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It is essential as part of the study to carry out work away from the sessions to get real time results.
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