Weekly Schedule for public classes

at Blok Manchester


Animal Movement // 8.15am > 9.15am
Calisthenics // 1.05pm > 2.05pm
BLOKfit // 6.25pm > 7.25pm
BLOkcore // 7.35pm > 8.35pm


Calisthenics // 5.25pm > 6.25pm


Calisthenics // 6.40am > 7.40am
BLOKcore 50 // 7.55am > 8.45am
BLOKfit 50 //8.55am > 9.45am


Calisthenics // 6.25pm > 7.25pm

Class Descriptions

(as per the Blok Website)
Animal Movement

Animal movement is a challenging class that improves strength, flexibility and balance by drawing on the basics of animal motion. Incorporating crawls, hops, jumps, lunges, squats, and balances. Animal movement will connect you to your body in an entirely unique way to any other class. Unsuitable for pregnant women.

Create a strong, solid foundation through our bespoke BLOKcore class. Incorporating TRX suspension and bodyweight exercises, we target the core to increase overall strength and stabilisation whilst also toning the lower body. 
BLOKcore improves posture and increases muscle definition. No matter what your starting strength is, we work progressively to increase your development class by class.
Expect exercises such as mountain climbers, pikes and leg raises, challenging your body through a large range of motion.

BLOKfit is an intensive functional circuit class which will push you to your limits. This full body workout focuses on speed, strength and flexibility while increasing overall endurance. Targeting each muscle group using free weights, resistance equipment or bodyweight exercises, you’ll work in timed intervals with little to no rest between stations, maintaining high energy to complete multiple rounds.
BLOKfit is the ideal class to improve muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness, all the time working towards a strong foundation.

Calisthenics is a strength based workout that requires you to use your own bodyweight to create unique and challenging workouts. In our Calisthenics classes you’ll develop incredible upper body strength and endurance, learn how to control your body in impressive ways and build core strength that could rival a gymnast.
The classes are structured for both complete beginners and experienced Calisthenics practitioners, so book one of our classes today and kick start your journey to becoming a master of your own body!