On Tuesday nights we mix things up each week. The ultimate goal is to give your body all round conditioning, each week focusing on something slightly different whilst complementing the previous week. This is going to be great if you want to upgrade your body, your sport, your posture or your work-out regime.  It has been designed to alleviate the symptoms of repetitive activity that can cause ailments specific to a certain lifestyle/sport/job.  If this sounds good to you then read more below, and maybe we will see you there. 

Week 1 - Girdle //  We start by looking at the hip girdle and the shoulder girdle. We will work with exercises that strengthen, lengthen, mobilse and stablise the two girdles. 

Week 2 - Rigid // The body needs to have the skill of holding itself in the most rigid of ways, offering correct and real structural integrity. We can move from a place of security if we know we have this on our side. 

Week 3 - Groundwork // Here we play with animal movements throughout the whole class. This is where you come to discover flow, movement and how to truly work with movements based of transition. 

Week 4 - Power // Working with exactly that; power. We will cover explosive exercise, and really exposing the body to a different energy system that given the right conditioning can really put the edge on the way you power through movement.