Darren Agnew

What is my role within Fera?
I’m Fera’s running coach, and co-creator of Fera Assemble.

Why Movement?
I have always been involved in some form of physical pursuit, anything that would allow me to spend time outdoors. Lacing the physical and mental sides of things together has really allowed me to thrive.

What does work mean to me?
The feeling of introducing someone to their body and minds true capabilities is a true passion project of mine. I know the feeling I get when both my body and mind are working together in synchronicity, and to introduce a client to that side of things with running or volunteering is a true privilege.

What does movement mean to me?
Movement means access, it’s the currency of life. No movement = no development, and I’m always trying to improve.

Who are my biggest influencers in life?
I’m lucky to have a huge number of influencers in my life, many of which are friends and close family. They have impacted and shaped me into the person I am today, they know who they are, and they know how grateful I am.

What are my favourite foods?
Eggs, avocados, and mushrooms. The Holy Trinity.


Feel free to contact me on darren@wearefera.com