Craig Seaton and SKoti Pepper have combined minds to bring…

The workshop will look at how we bring together emotion, energy and flow, how to utilise these aspects of our being and what it means to work through these different points. Opening the session with a body centred meditation we will attain a relationship with our physicality and our senses. Working through the different senses we feel and observe what is there before harnessing that energy as we take ourselves seamlessly into movement. As we explore activity and exercise, we will play with primal and animal inspired movement, in a yogic way.
We will then lay down to take our breath deeper; deeper into the body, and deeper in to the centre of who we are and observe who it is we are going to become, through the modality of holotropic breathwork. So come and connect with yourself through your emotion, energy and ability to flow. 



Date: 28/04/19
10AM - 1PM


Space At The Mill
Wellington Mill
Duke Street
M3 4NF