As a movement, Fera is creating a space where people explore their physical potential.  The two guys behind Fera Assemble, Darren and Skoti, have both individually found a great application for their body in the way of being physically useful for those that require it the most. Given the synergy along each of their journeys', this made for a natural partnership to open up more space for people to explore who they are and what they can achieve. If we are to create and really hone in on this masterpiece we are nurturing for ourselves, we must learn to give to others when we physically have the capabilities to do so. We want to stimulate the awareness of social responsibility, Kuleana, such as volunteering for projects where charities and similar groups require a workforce, yet they are too underfunded to compensate said workforce. Giving back in this way can be very rewarding to us on a personal level, and to those in receipt of your labour the gratitude is greatly appreciated, more than you will know. A combined team effort of covering physical work such as building sheds, fixing fences, planting trees, organising resources, tidying flower beds, chopping wood, weed control or moving heavy objects, just to give you an example, can equate to months worth of work done in a matter of hours. Now just imagine what a difference an individual can make within that team.  

We believe that teamwork doesn't solely have to come from a space of continuous competition against your peers and then against other teams. Now, we all love a bit of healthy competition from time to time, but that has a place. We like to experience, and give a seldom heard voice to teamwork and that comes from a space of working together to contribute towards something bigger than yourself and for the greater good. In the world we live in today, learning to work cohesively, to create and to give without expectation is a skill the world could use (especially from you) right about now. 

Call To Action

As part of our community, we put it to you that in someway you are getting stronger, more capable and therefore becoming a more physically useful creature. We would like you to consider in joining a team of people we put together to go and carry out volunteer work out within the local area of Manchester, 'Fera Assemble'. Once you have signed up, someone will be in touch with you.  

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