4 week course


Subjects of interest on the course

: Anatomy
: Biomechanics
: Environment
: Meditation
: Movement
: Speach
: Stimulus


This course is designed to give you tools and additional ways of teaching, holding space and working with your clients and classes. In doing so, the plan is that you walk away being able to weave in movement and meditation as and when you see fit, through various modalities. We will cover a range of subjects that interact with the mind and body to help you understand, explore and get creative with your work to yield the most appropriate results with the potential to keep it as light or deep as you see fit for your end users, be that class attendees or clients. We want this to be relevant to the modern world, and as teachers we can communicate knowledge without looking like Mystic Meg thus adding sovereignty to the delivery of your work.

We will meet up once a week for a two hour session, and it will very much be workshop set up, so there may be times where there is more discussion and theory over practical and vice versa.

Upon booking your place you will be sent an email with a small bit of homework to be completed in preparation and readiness for the first session of the course. Homework will be a common theme during the course and is not something to worry about as it will be kept fairly light and may be a mixture of theory and practical.

It is not just about our clients and class attendees, it is about you applying this work for yourself, so you can benefit from it on a personal level. Calmness, more structural integrity, increased mental and physical awareness, wider movement repertoire and deeper level of understanding of how your body is functioning, are all aspects that you may experience when engaging with this course. As the fitness and wellness industry is growing and amongst an ocean of professionals we need to be relevant and valuable to the end users. Being multidimensional with our work sets you up for bringing that magic in your brain to everyday people wanting to better their lives through their bodies and mind.



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