Option 1 - £35

  • Training Plan

  • Monthly Video Call

  • Email Support

  • Personal Online Page

  • Postural/Movement Guidance

Option 2 - £55

  • Training Plan

  • Two Monthly Video Call

  • Email Support

  • Nutritional Support

  • Personal Online Page

  • Postural/Movement Guidance

  • Mindfulness Practices

Option 3 - £75

  • Training Plan

  • Weekly Video Call

  • Email Support

  • Nutritional Support

  • Lifestyle Coaching

  • Personal Online Page

  • Postural/Movement Guidance

  • Mindfulness Coaching

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Whether you are a Jet Setter, Stay At Home Dad, Busy Business Woman or you are happy working on your own but you are wanting some sideline guidance, Online Coaching can work for you and around you. This avenue can be the answer to clearing many obstacles that can sometimes come in the way of you having access to the right knowledge, support, time in order for you to better yourself and make headway on those goals that have been procrastinated. The one thing that we are firm on is that you understand and appreciate that results/improvements come from whatever level of commitment you are willing to put into this and be prepared for that to be reaffirmed should that be necessary.  We want to be able to reach as many of you with the aligned mindset that we have to push each other forwards. The more you improve, the more we improve, it's like a cake the multiplies the more we take from it. 

Skoti Pepper // Movement Coach + Founder

What Kind Of Things Might We Be Able To Work On?

Being a healthy human is much more than just one aspect of who we are. Fera's approach could be summarised as a wholistic set of technologies to move the sum of our whole forwards. Below is a list of how we can approach things, it's not exclusive, nor exhaustive, but the most successful results are when you consider working with as many of these as possible, though the important thing is that this journey is initially psychological comfortable and you just take the first step and each step accordingly.

  • The Physical

    • Gym based exercises

    • Strength Training

    • Animal Movement

    • Yoga

    • Functional Training

    • Calisthenics

    • Parkour

    • Flow

    • Rehabilitation

  • The Mental

    • Mindset

    • Morning Routine

    • Meditation

    • Psychological Tooling

    • Reclaiming Self-Authority

  • The Emotional

    • Hormonal Understanding

    • Awareness And Influencers

    • Boundaries, Fragility & Strengths

  • The Spiritual

    • The Self

    • Understanding The Metaphors & Philosophies

    • Signposting

    • Healthy Practices

    • Things To Look Out For (Red Flags)

    • Esoteric Technologies

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