Rock Over Climbing Centre

These have been one of the fundamental businesses that invested in the potential of Fera during it's humble starts, through to today. We are grateful for the help and support they have shown during this journey.

Float Festival

Recapturing the essence of a conversation seldom had is the world of wellness without the serious 'superficial' side of things. This festival wants to connect you with different aspects of the fitness world that promote a more diverse and fun side of doing things that is truly more on the fringe of what the current 'fitness' scene is offering. It is a no brainer as to why we partner with these folk.

Just Bee Drinks

These guys have been a great business to be affiliated with, they are bright, positive and are all about conservation of our fuzzy friends, Bees. You may have seen them pop-up from time to time across our events. Check out their products, they are Bee-licious.