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Author: Skoti Pepper

- images
- information on technique and form
- 14 day programme

Read time: 5 mins

(Before we get into it, this reads into a workout as it gets closer to the end, I’ve made it so everyone can put in their own 120% and I’ve be mindful to enable it so you can easily implement, if you make it a priority.)

Easily one of the most recognised exercises out there and it is found in exercise routines around the world, from Couch Potatoes to High End Athletes. It is found in the worlds’ of calisthenics, yoga, functional training just to name a few. Push Ups. No. Press Ups. Screw it, I’m sticking with Push Ups for this. Though given its popularity, I’ve noticed, and I ain’t the only one who has noticed it, seldom do people know how to carry out a healthy push up, let alone knowing how to progress or regress and all the variants to go into. A lot of the time, its not their fault, we are socially influenced in ways that can often escape our notice. Thus, to my point we just smash out a bunch of push ups because everyone does, you go up, you go down by bending your elbows with your feet on the floor. But that’s like saying you build a house by stacking some bricks, it lacks structural context and the mechanics behind it should someone want to actually action that.

I’ll stop babbling now, I’m pulling this together to give some pointers and help you improve your push ups along with a work out you can follow to mix up your current workout routine and build up some upper body strength.

Please use the different options based upon your ability to hold the correct form. Should your form decline then refer to an appropriate alternative option.

Option 1 - Knees on the floor. Knees, hip and chest 90º to each other. (see pic.01)

Option 2 - Knees on the floor. Knees and hips are 45º to each other. (see pic.02)

Option 3 - Full Body Length. (see pic.03)

Imagine contracting your belly button and your bum towards each other. (see pic.04)

Elbows/triceps close to the ribcage. (see pic.05)

Option 1 - Hands on wall, about nipple height. (see pic.06)

Option 2 - Hands on bench, sofa, or 2nd/3rd step of a staircase. (see pic.07)

Option 3 - Hands on the floor, inline with your solar plexus (the indent in the middle of your torso where your ribcage is at peak arch). (see pic.08)


- Think of this as plank that moves a bit. (see pic.09)

- Keep elbows tucked in. (see pic.10)

- No arching of the lower back. (see pic.11)
If any of the points are difficult, see how you can implement regressed pointers from the previous sections to keep the form in prime spot light.



Want to see a difference in where you’re currently at? Then try this protocol and let me know how you get on over the space of two weeks. I’ve kept it super simple so you can commit to it.

Warm up:
Wrists -
- Raise your arms as to have your hands to the sky as if you’re pushing the sky away with the most open and flat hands. (see pic.12)
- Close your hands like your holding on to the smallest thing to fit in your hand, with dear life (see pic.13). Now repeat the two hand gestures rapid for 30s then repeat with arms extended out in front of you like you’re pushing a wall. (see pic.14)

Time: 10 mins
Setup: As many reps as possible for 15 second intervals, on the minute every minute for 10 minutes. 

Min 1: 15 secs of push ups 45secs rest
Min 2: 15 secs of push ups 45secs rest
Min 3: 15 secs of push ups 45secs rest
Min 4: 15 secs of push ups 45secs rest
Min 10: 15 secs of push ups 45secs rest

Record how many you get each of the 10 sets each day and see how they differ from day 1 and by day 14. Make sure you take have a break on day 4, 8 and 12. And don’t forget to warm up your wrists and stretch accordingly afterwards.

If you would like, you can document each day using the form below, I’ve kept it simple, and then I can keep you up-to-date with where you’re at.

Name *
Where are you up to on the 14 day protocol?
How many push ups in 15secs