Think you know how to do a push-up, press ups, chaturanga or whatever they’re called?

Fed up of not knowing if your form is correct?

Do push-ups hurt?

Are you doing the right push-ups for YOU?!

Do you know how to progress or regress?

Do you understand the need for variety?

Come down to Lululemon on Saturday 11.30am and spend some time understanding this FULL BODY exercise and the the huge array of variations, progressions and regressions. The aim is to get you utilising and functioning with one of the most useful exercises easily available to us all.

Areas we will cover:

+ Exercise preparation

+ Alignment and form

+ Good practice

+ Variations - Progressions and Regressions

+ Training Styles

This will be a physical workshop, though there will be included a digestible form of information surrounding your anatomy and how is works. Remember that the more knowledge you take on the more potential it gives you to upgrade and develop your current workout routines, leaving you feeling more confident and stronger.