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Dates: 27/10/19 - 02/11/19
Molino Del Rey
Price: from £990 per person

As we get further into our yoga journey, it becomes about so much more than what we do with our body. When you show up to practice, the sounds, scents and energy of the space can all subtly influence your experience. We’ve curated this retreat to intertwine physical movement with a journey through the senses, exploring how we can deepen our experience of yoga, and ultimately the wider world around us, by absorbing ourselves totally into what is happening right now.” - AKASHA

Costa Rica


Dates: 04/04/20 - 11/04/20
Rayos Del Sol
Price: from £1090pp

For the first time on one of our retreats, we want to bring a full array of different training disciplines together, and combine with yoga to show how they can compliment and elevate each other. The power of yoga reaches far beyond what you do with your body on a mat, and it can be used to improve your performance in so many aspects of your life. If you regularly train in another discipline, you’ll find that introducing yoga principles into your regime will improve focus, flexibility and mental agility. Similarly, if you solely practice yoga and like to follow a set sequence, you can discover the benefits of venturing off the mat in increasing your strength and adaptability.” - AKASHA