Skoti Pepper

What is my role within Fera?
I'm the guy who came up with the concept of Fera. Everything from logo design, web management, programme design and what we stand for. I'm a Movement Coach and lead and design most of the sessions on the timetable, I also see people on a one-to-one basis and facilitate everything from the physical to the mental through to the nutritional. Additionally I also co-created Fera Assemble.  

Why Movement?
I've always been a fidget, from climbing tree (I make pretty epic treehouses) to being a dancer as a child which continued into early adulthood along with military training and then discovering the sport of climbing. Discovering climbing showed me I wanted to get good at something so I took up yoga, calisthenics and animal movement. 

What does work mean to me?
Creating spaces for people to discover their potential, through movement, conversation, environment, social responsibility and self-sustainability. There are so many influences in life that can contribute to a more healthier human and I'm all about exploring that. 

What does movement mean to me?
It means playing, researching, practising, medicine and creativity. I personal think it is up their with food, sleep and water. 

Who are my biggest influencers in life?
Without going to too much detail here is a list of some pretty epic humans who have helped shape my brain, body and way of life. 

  • Diana Nyad - more info //  An aspirational person who I can look to for life long perserverence with goals and physical endurance. Also, a fine example of who to take advice from regarding ageing.
  • Jane Goodall - more info // For her commitment to conservation and wanting a better world for all creatures.
  • Sir Chris Bonnington - more info // His lifelong commitment to adventure and proving age is but a number.
  • Lao Tzu - more info // A balanced and deeply resonating philosopher
  • Sergei Poullini - more info // He did his own thing despite what his industry wanted from a 'perfect example'. His movement is flawless, real, creative and powerful.
  • Leo Houlding - more info // This guy was the first man to make me believe in doing epic things with your life and just for the fun of it, and being uncomfortable is often part of that journey.
  • Willie Smitz - more info // Living proof we are not to give up on fixing the natural world, not only for nature but for the good of mankind. We are part of that, remember. 
  • Brené Brown - more info // This woman was my first exposure to someone talking openly and balanced about the human condition on a psychological level. 

What are my favourite foods?
Ah! There is so much, but to list just a few: sweet potato, ginger, beetroot, cacao brownies, rosemary & sea salt chips, coconut oil and mushrooms, however they come.  If I hunted, then steak would be up there in the mix, but I don't so this a mute point for now. 


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