The Notion

As much as we know, we are possibly one of the most adaptive creatures to have existed, and because of that, we have become one of the most convoluted beings in the aspect of the mind and all that it allows us to do. 

As animals, we evolved to be a master at multi-terrain movement and we put the icing on the cake by developing skills out of pure curiosity of what we can do with our bodies. 

Something that, I personally feel, is happening in society right now is that we are starting to see the long term effects of a sedentary lifestyle. As a collective mass, within the 'Western World' particularly, our lives have been made comfortable, disease ridden, ailment induced and that has taken away a lot of evolutionary engrained movement patterns and behavioural patterns. There is no longer the impending danger of getting eaten by some wild animal outside thus that imperative impulse for responding to a potential attack is not there. We live in a world that allows us to move as little as possible. Even a lot of manual labour jobs or sports come with only exposure to repetitive movement, which in itself is also detrimental to the overall mechanics of a the human as an animal. 

Sure, it is great to become a winner or master at one particular thing in life, however, for myself, I find more reward within exposing myself to activities that generate different experience and require varying, if not all, aspects of my body. Our ancestors would have scrabbled rock, jumped streams, moved through branches, crawled in low grasses, swam lakes and ran across all landscapes. That kind of effort from one creature takes thousands of years of genetic coding to facilitate the abilities that have made us, arguably, the most versatile creature in existance.

Experience is often overlooked when it comes to health, so few of us honestly chase it and the mass are too scared or too unaware of the value of experience or know they can actually have a different one away from their day to day life. When we get bored our brain is saying one of two things; you need to learn to get comfortable with yourself and if you are not you should maybe consider focussing on new things in life to eliminate that. Therefore, finding new things to do with your body that you enjoy can potentially be one of the most life changing principles you could offer yourself. Experience will allow you to hormonally rebalance, expose yourself to risk, and allow your to understand the true importance of being morally responsible for everything you do in life, which will only feed you in a whole bunch of other ways, starting with your character. 
Movement has always been a thing and I am here to pursue, explore and advance with that conversation. I'm not here to convince anyone of a certain way of life, you are ultimately responsible for curating your own way to exist, I just know I am not unique in what I want and the way I lead my life and I feel a lot of other people may be the same. Therefore I have come to make a noise about feeding activities into your life, instead of them being a chore but just a way of living.

From stood stretching in a queue, to climbing trees with my friends, practicing yoga in my bedroom instead of watching the TV, running around the local area with people from the community, pushing your physical potential in a park, cruising on the board, hiking up a mountain or enjoying the sensory essence of swimming in the wild. 

All of which are great for the body, and yes some times people do stop and stare, but I just encourage people to think "screw it, people stare anyway, and I am doing something very positive for my existence within the amazing contraption I get to call my body on this phenomenal planet". You've got an evolutionary blueprint, a lot of you have thrown away that rough draft, however it is never too late to get back to the drawing board and honour that. Whether you like it or not you are more than likely to physically look the way you do because of your exposure to your life, regardless if you are aware of your potential to influence it. Simply put, 'you look like the life you lead'. Digest it. Make an excuse. Own it. The time is now to lay down your weapons and level up by turning yourself into a formidable, graceful, skilled and majestic animal.  Put that evolutionary pressure upon yourself and do something amazing. 

Skoti Pepper