To Be Impeccable And The True State Of Perfection.jpg

Author: Skoti Pepper


We strive for perfection, we mask it in many ways but we have all felt it. We see something we want to put 100% in and we fall short and beat ourselves up about it. How does it feel to know that the effort you applied was impeccable?

Let us just jump on a rocket and fly off into space and look at our complete solar system (link here if you do not know what it looks like). We have the Sun and then 8 planets and their respective moons, a large handful of trans-neptunian planets, 2 gargantuan bands of rock and a load of big lumps of matter making their own journeys around that ball of luminous energy. Within that string of the solar system, there is a slither of it which is the perfect distance from our sun to harbour water, which is known as the Goldie locks Zone (Circumstellar Habitable Zone).  It has the perfect temperature variant; perfect about of radiation from the sun with the perfect type of planet to harbour life. The size of the planet is the big enough and strong enough to hold on to the atmosphere to the Earth and the solar wind pulls it away. The amount of variables that have to align in order for cellular life to start multiplying and functioning of hormones to react, interact and evolve, the conditions had to be perfect. The conditions had to be perfect enough to wipe out the dinosaurs and give way to the rise of one of the most diverse and successful arms of evolution the world has ever seen; mammals.

What I am trying to say is that perfection is a state of being, it is all conditions arriving at a point in time to be exactly as they needs to be in order to host whatever exists by virtue of the conditions arriving at a marrying point. So, maybe consider this understanding as our definition of perfect and start lending our attention to the word impeccable.

If we take ourselves down the route of being impeccable with the actions we take, the culmination of the actions taken towards a bigger picture should hopefully lead us to a more positive state. Now don’t twist what I’m saying, we are talking about walking in a particular direction and knowing that sometimes we will not be on track, however if you can gently bring yourself back to centre when you notice you are off track, that will serve you in the long run. Over time, that skill of coming back to centre will always vary in being accessible but the variability becomes smaller and stronger the more we practise it.

For example, when I have my pencil, paper, protractor and compass assembled ready to create some sacred geometry, then I set out with just that. I have to be meticulous with every line, circle and angle, sure, I do not get these accurate every time, I’ve a long way to go to come remotely close to the Renaissance Masters. Being focused on what is being created and working towards it being the best it can be from a place of being calm and whole hearted is going to give you the steadiness of hand. You can give your everything to every line, circle and every angle...thoughts will come and go as you do this; it will show you how you make mistakes through being complacent; you’ll become aware of the level of accuracy you show at any point will have an impact on the last line laid.
If we can start living our lives with this attention to detail, we find we no longer have time for TV every night, we no longer have time to binge away the weekend because we are increasingly occupied with this phenomenal vessel of ours. And, because we become accustomed to it, we learn to deeply love life and the shades, hues and lumens that it comes in, allowing us space to come more often from a place of being impeccable, by focusing on the step by step whilst knowing you are flowing to a bigger picture. Thus rendering the need for the picture to be perfect redundant.

Perfection is a state of being, a byproduct of different stimulus coming to a point in order for what has been created to exist. Being impeccable will allow you the calmness and acceptance to give yourself the best you can without expectation but compassion, towards yourself, with each step towards the bigger picture. That then is where you will find perfection, so take a few gentle calm breaths and be impeccable.