The Importance of Training With Your Tribe copy.jpg

Author: Skoti Pepper
Photographer: K.U.I.C

Like a lot of people, I enjoy my down time, drowning out the world and delving deep into my music as I work on my body. Bliss. Unstoppable. Immoveable. I’m there to work. I’m sure many resonate with a similar story, and I’m there with you, though there is a time and a place.
When we are there to pick up skills, work and engage, some of the most rewarding aspects of that is the unity we feel once we have collectively put in effort and we come to the end of a task.

Most people have been there, they’ve been away on a training course of some sort, maybe a shamanic ceremony, or even a training session, and you’ve been with other people for the duration of the process. You’ve spent time building a rapport or mutual experience, hopefully feeling closer because you’ve scaled a mountain, to be poetic, together.

This is why the conversation around who you surround yourself with, and the environment you place yourself is an increasingly popular yet contentious conversation. Point in case, I have been working with a lady and a few years ago when she started on her health journey, I was advising her on nutritional supplements she could consider to help boost her along her journey a little. A couple of week went by and I checked in about how she was getting on with pulling plans together with starting on the nutritional aspect of things, because she was struggling financially to consider purchasing things such a zinc and magnesium, vitamin d drops etc. was seemingly a task for her. The conversation tangented and she said she was also starting to socialise more (bonus, I thought, as this was another issue and barrier to exercise as ‘she had no one to go with’)... at bingo! My jaw dropped.  And my words were:
“Can you help me understand how you’re able to afford bingo to make friends with people who are there to speculatively win money but ultimately drain their bank account oppose to being unable to afford supplements and a gym membership, where you’ll make friends who want to fit and healthy like you are wanting and the money they are not wasting on bingo day-in-day-out they are spending on their body and health?”.

Fast forward a few years and she finally gets it, she is losing weight, has gone down from 9 tablets on prescription to 1 and has now encouraged her son, brother and sister to all go the gym, and now in doing so and just being there, she ended up making friends and became increasingly more confident to just go the gym without anyone knowing she’d probably see someone she knew or if she didn’t she was comfortable with the environment. The change she has promoted in her family is very evident and people who were seemingly lifelong prescription based humans are weaning themselves off, by virtue of pursuing something more positive and better with their fellow humans, but ultimately for themselves.

This is why it is super important to rally your tribe together and go out their and do those sets together, collaborate on that choreography, down your dogs in unison or even just be in the same room as each other during a meditation, because once you’ve achieved something for yourself and for the collective, the buzz you get in just electric. You can’t slack of as easy in front of others, they want to be inspired by you and you them, so the work you do transcends your own gains and it influences the progress of others.  

The world needs you to pull together in the most positive ways, with least resistance, so go cull and find your tribe, the time of the Lone Wolf is over, we are going through a time of upgrade and expansion, and we humans do that most efficient, grand and life changing work when we have the support, purest intentions and synchronised energies flying between us. So go get out there and share with each other for the world, for your friends, your family and for you.

Connection… it’s the new black. exhausted.