words of fera


Why I Move

Author // Skoti Pepper

Date // 18th June 2018

Subject // From making tree houses, to getting cerebral with this vessel I call a body.  Just the journey my head goes on when I think about 'why I move?'.  

Meditation Made Accessible

Author // Skoti Pepper

Date // 18th January 2018

Subject // Confusing, unrelatable, cosmic ooze, words crop up that create barriers for us to access one of the most self sustaining practices we can do by ourselves. Here Skoti attempts to talk through some easy steps and why these will benefit your body and life.   

To Be Impeccable And The True State Of Perfection

Author // Skoti Pepper

Date // 19th December 2017

Subject // We live in a word where we strive for a word, perfect, that has a meaning that we don't really get and spend our time disappointed because of our own expectations are not met. We get so bogged down with the big picture and we don't quite get the art of the step by step behaviour and what happens when you apply an impeccable attitude towards the individual processes that contribute towards the big picture. 

What We Think Of You Has Nothing To Do With You

Author // Skoti Pepper

Date // 19th October 2017

Subject // The opinion of others can lock us down greatly in life, along with the lack of love that voids us of standing strong. Here are a few words that has been put together to get you thinking more about you and less about other's opinion of you. So enjoy the (tough) love I have to offer you, and ultimately the love you have to offer your self.  


Let's Talk About Body Image

Author // Skoti Pepper

Date // 28th June 2017

Subject // Body image is one thing that gets worked on in subtle and powerful ways. In this blog, Skoti goes in to ways he has tackled such mental situations and how it projects him forwards. This blog may resonate with you in some way, it may not, enjoy at your leisure and learn to love yourself accordingly, appropriate, responsibly and sustainably. 

5 Points To Consider For Mental Health

Author // Skoti Pepper

Date // 10th May 2017

Subject // This blog will deal with ways in which you can tackle Mental Health. It is a little too the point and may come across as abrupt, however if you want some verbal kleenex then there are plenty other resources out there for you to tuck into. Fera is committed to cultivating accountability and responsibility in the most nurturing of ways and with love.