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Do you want to give the team some time back for themselves whilst also boosting productivity within the working environment?

 Regular access to mindfulness practices and gentle exercise can be nudge required to give your people the boost they need to do their best work thus promoting a more conducive productivity output.

 People working at desks can develop chronic back pain and postural issues leaving them slowly developing all kinds of long term health issues. Additionally, body language can be compromised by poor exposure to corrective exercise, furthermore, increased exposure to stress is becoming a huge issue in the workplace. Allowing employees the opportunity to train their mind to be more mindful, gradually gaining control over their emotions, attitude and ability to execute is something that is seldom over lucked thus hindering the performance of your team. Have you thought about trying to combat these points and giving the team space at least once a week to truly relax and give them some care?

Mixing a fusion of yoga and animal movement, combined to combat and aid postural ailments often caused by sedentary behaviour, such as sitting at a computer for protracted amounts of time. This gentle movement will stimulate the body and leave people feeling invigorated and energised. 

The session will begin and end with two small mindful meditations. This has the potential to promote a more focused and energised mind, calmness towards task management along with some space between thought and action.

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